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Player's Name: Lisa
Timezone: Eastern US (GMT - 5)
Availability: Mostly nights and weekends, with a chance of sneaking tags in during lunch breaks.
Contact: I'm available on Plurk at [ profile] powerofredrangers, as well as by PM for this journal.

Characrer's name: Anakin Skywalker, formerly known as Darth Vader
Age: 50+
Height: In his Vader form, he's over 6.5ft. Should he regain his Anakin form, however, he will shrink back down to just 6ft.
Appearance: Started out in [community profile] synodiporia in his Vader form, with the possibility of regaining his old form later on.
Personality: That...depends upon if his mind's set to "Anakin" mode or "Vader" mode. "Anakin" mode usually results in a rather emotional (former) Jedi Knight with a tendency to snark and is extremely good at flying and fixing things, on top of handling 'aggressive negotiatons' involving a lightsaber. "Vader" mode will give you the iconic Star Wars villain that tends to be cold and cruel to nearly everyone, and isn't afraid of lopping hands off or torturing you for info. In either situation, however, he tends to be really protective, proud and obsessive about his family.

Can I hug/shake hands with/kiss/etc? He will shake hands and be polite, but hugs aren't something he's used to from strangers. Kissing is currently reserved to family - particular those from his wife.
Can I fight/kick/punch/hurt/etc? Absolutely! Just be ready for him to use both lightsaber and the Force on your ass.
What about going beyond kissing? Sorry; that's strictly reserved for his wife. Unless, of course, you are his wife. In that case, it's just a matter of him getting his old body back before they could have come "private time" together.
Can I main or murder him? Yes on the maiming especially if you're chopping his hand off. Ask first regarding the killing.
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