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P L A Y E R;
NAME: Lisa
AGE: 33
PLAYER JOURNAL: [personal profile] lunchleader
TIMEZONE: Eastern US (GMT -5)
CONTACT: [ profile] powerofredrangers
OTHER CHARACTERS PLAYED: Right Suzuki ([personal profile] lunchleader) and Natsumi Hikari ([personal profile] summerorange)

C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Former Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, previously known as Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith.
CANON: Star Wars movies (Episodes I thru 6, Rogue One)
POINT IN CANON: post-Return of the Jedi, but will be stuck in Vader form at the start of his in-game time.
AGE: 50+
APPEARANCE: Cue the Imperial March
CANON HISTORY: Here, drawing mainly from the movies released as of Jan 2017.
CANON PERSONALITY: To understand Anakin, it is best to remember that there's two different mindsets for him, depending upon which side of the Force he is on.

The first one is his 'normal' mindset, when he is on the Light Side. This is Anakin as the Jedi he was raised to be. As himself, he's more sympathetic, compassionate, and more willing to defend the defenseless at a moment's notice - all good traits for a Jedi Knight. However, Anakin tends to be a thrill-seeker at times - a hold-over from his podracing days as a child. He tends to be much more emotional than his fellow Jedi as well; not only that, but he sometimes can't resist a snarky retort or a teasing jibe. His sense of Justice and Order shines as bright and clear as Tatooine's twin suns. And while he can be hot-headed at times, he tries to be more willing to give more peaceful means of resolving issues a chance before resorting to 'aggressive negotiations' involving his lightsaber. Any killings of his that should not have been done - like slicing off Count Dooku's head when that Sith Lord was defenseless - he does regret very deeply while he is 'himself'.

The second one, however, is of the Dark Side - aka, the mindset he had when he was Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith. Any form of empathy is replaced with a cold and cruel personality, and there's hardly any form of humor in him, save for one or two moments of harsh jesting. Laser-focused on his duties as the Emperor's right-hand man, he has almost no tolerance for failure from anyone serving under his command. Any ideals of Peace and Justice are twisted in this mindset, only relating to the snuffing out of any Rebel forces fighting against the Empire that he expected to rule after Emperor Palpatine would eventually pass away. He will kill and torture anyone that gets in his way, regardless of whether they're a real threat or a harmless citizen. And as 'Vader', he would feel fully justified in doing so. Because it means keeping peace and order within his Empire, even if he's not on the throne quite yet.

That said, however, there are some traits that run true regardless of which mindset that Anakin may have at any given point. First off, he is brave in a fight, always confident in his own abilities and in the Force. Such confidence is high enough to lead him to make more dramatic gestures and take more risks than some would deem wise. Second, he would rather lead any warriors with him from the front of the group, preferring to jump into the fray alongside them and take command that way. Thirdly, he hates any form of slavery, having been born a slave originally, and would love nothing more than to see it completely abolished from the galaxy entirely. Fourthly, he rightfully believes deeply in the existence and power of the Force, being a strong Force user himself; and he doesn't look too kindly upon those who cast doubts upon it in any way.

Most importantly, though, he has a bad habit about obsessing about things or people that weigh heavily on his mind - especially anything related to his family. It shows in how he had to find his mother, in how he tried to save his wife from dying in childbirth, and in how he had to find Luke Skywalker and turn him. This is all because family means everything to him, in the end. While his obsession and fears over losing his family led him to the Dark Side, it is the love and pride in that same family that ultimately led him back over to the Light Side - which is to say, away from 'Vader' and back to 'normal' Anakin again. Even as 'Vader', however, one thing always held true in regards to his kin - he is simply incapable of killing them. They're the only people in the galaxy that he really, honestly, cannot (and will not) kill, because they're That Important to him. He may still fight them, and even injure them if he feels justified in doing so. But to take their's simply impossible for him to do. And yes, he has tried. More than once.

Oh, and he has quite the temper - the same kind of temper that his children has shown at times. It's very likely that they've inherited it from him.

POINT OF DEPARTURE: None; he will be taken post-Return of The Jedi
The Force - It is the mystical energy source of the universe, the kind that exists in every object, being, star and planet of the entire galaxy. It surrounds, penetrates, and binds everything together - like a good combo of duct tape and life-giving water. Many beings are able to sense and use the Force in many ways, and on different levels for each person. Anakin is one of the strongest Force users on record, and is thus able to use it in many ways.
--There's the standard Force skills that most users tend to have - telepathy between Force users, and even between a user and one who is simply Force sensitive; telekinesis; sensing of one's aura; feeling out the thoughts and emotions of another person; enhancement of one's reflexes; and, of course, the ability to manipulate weaker minds into obeying your commands - aka, the Jedi Mind Trick.
--Anakin can do all of those things, but on a bigger or more fine-tuned scale, depending upon the Force skill; he also has the rare gift of precognition, via dream warnings - usually of loved ones dying. The Force also grants him the ability to sense objects, movement, and danger of and from beings before even some other Force users could. It also guides him into finding the right part to fix a broken machine or the right tool for the job at hand very quickly. He's also fond of using it to choke someone's neck if he's angry enough at them.

Space-age engineering - Anakin is a certified mechanical genius, having built both a podracer and a protocol droid by the time he was 9. Presumably from scratch. He can build and/or fix nearly anything, up to and including the level of technology seen in the Star Wars universe.

Piloting - Anakin is an exceptional pilot, even without proper training in the Force. Being the only known human to podrace, he can fly any kind of ship both in and out of combat.

Swordsmanship - Anakin is a master at wielding a lightsaber, and his style is quite aggressive at times. He is best with one-hand style, but has been shown to wield two lightsabers at the same time.

INVENTORY: His armor/life resuscitation suit (aka, his iconic look), and his lightsaber (red kyber crystal).
ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW? His mindset will be leaning towards Anakin, but he will start his in-game time within his Vader form. I also would like him to have the ability to regain his Anakin form at some point in the distant future.

M A R K S;
JUSTIFICATION: Emperor, due to him being a Dad deep within and wanting to keep/restore Peace and Order in the galaxy; Death, because he tends to have it happen around him regularly; Tower, due to his amazing skill of Really Bad Life Choices; Judgement, due to him seeking forgiveness/redemption at the end of his life. Maybe Devil as well, due to both having a temper and being a Sith Lord with a perchance for the dramatics.
VETO: None

S A M P L E S;
[The Sith Lord towers over the Imperial officer who is protesting his current plan.]

I don't care if these 'civilians' are going to get hurt, General. If they're there alongside the Rebel spies, then they can be allied with the Rebels themselves. If they get in the way, just order your troops to take them out as well.

[Once the general ceases protesting, he then turns back to the holo-map of the potential battleground.]

Back to the plan at hand, I will take two squadrons with me to overrun this barrier here. Commander-- [He points to a high-ranking Stormtrooper] --you will take your forces and swing around from behind. Leave no one who attack you behind. Either subdue them, or kill them. Once you are in position, we will crush the remaining Rebel forces, and cripple this arm of the Rebel Alliance.

And Commander...if you should find the princess Leia or Luke Skywalker, you are to bring them to me. No serious injuries, no death, and no disintegration. I want them alive!


Anakin rarely curses, even in his old age. So it comes as a shock to the Resistance fighters when he swears in Huttese once he sees the full extent of the damage on and within the familiar astrodroid. Nearby items rattled for a brief moment, spooking everyone around him. But a deep breath or three calms him enough that he isn't shaking things up with the Force by accident, and thus putting his fellow Resistance members on edge as well. Such is the pain of having a certain reputation among people.

Once the young officer he barked at before gave him the requested repair kit, he goes to work. Cleaning any oil and crud off of the outside shell, replacing frayed wires, checking power cells and tuning up the main generators... It's familiar, calming work. And he's very careful about it as well, using the Force to do things in gaps that his hands cannot freely move into or in anymore. He even hooks up a small device to check on the memory drives, to ensure that they're still intact.

"...I'm sorry about this, old friend," He murmurs to the hibernating droid. "I had not expected him to be this clumsy. is good to see you again." He then sighs, the sound echoing from his helmet. "You probably have many things to tell me when you're awake... I know I do. But among them...I'm sorry for what I have done, to you, to our family, and to others..." He chuckles ruefully and added, "Doubtless, you would want to screech my head off over it, among many things." He checks the readings on the screen of a small device attached to the droid's socket, satisfied that the droid appears to be stable and intact on its main programming. "And I'm sure that you have many tales to tell about...him."

He gently patted the domed head, voice turning melancholic. "You miss him, too, don't you? Having been by his side for so long, only to have him disappear from all of us... Well, I can reassure you that he's alive, and not in immediate harm. I know this to be true., my friend. I'll fix you up until you're shiny and new. two can go back to having adventures again, saving the galaxy like you did he did before..." Blinking away the proud tears in his eyes, he continues his work of cleaning up his old blue friend.


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